Although you never thought, there are some rules when you vacuuming

While it seems like a simple enough technology to use, most users fail to make full use of vacuums. Before you head off to buy or use your next carpet cleaning appliance, here a few tried and tested considerations to think over.

Work On Your Motions.

Mayve you have a little time but you can´t vacuum in a hurry; it’s actually better to forgo the activity altogether. The best way to vacuum is with slow, gentle, and overlapping strokes because hasty, rough motions can be terrible for your carpet. .

Remove those complicated lint from those carpets.

The best way to deal with lint and flyaway pet hair is to use carpet brush. Maybe you can use hairbrush bristles on the edge of carpets for a better and expedient result.

Buying a vacuum cleaner of great power, it will help you a lot

Make sure you invest in a powerful vacuum so make sure it has a powerful motor. Take your time to compare to the other models, and pick the one with the highest strength. The power is in direct proportion to the amount of dirt it will remove from your carpet in one or two passes.

Self-cleaning filters do not exist yet so you need clean it.

An unorthodox tip is to tie a plastic bag around the tube for easy disposal after use. Canister-style vacuums have cup or filter bags that can get smelly. Therefore you can also vacuum pieces of tissue paper doused with perfume. This will actually result in a better smelling home.

Move your furniture:

Move furniture has two benefits: deeper cleaning and give a new look to the place. It is advised that furniture around the house be adjusted from time-to-time. Moving couches and other furniture can save vacuuming effort and also extend your carpet life.

Do you want to know why you need a carpet cleaning?

– You want your carpet to last.

If you do a master cleaning to your carpet, the live of your carpet will extend. Having your carpet cleaned every 6-12 months.

– You have allergies.

A huge percentage of people suffer allergies and this is very annoying therefore having your carpet cleaned will remove a majority of pet dander, dust mites, and pollen from your carpet, which will alleviate allergy symptoms.

– You have children.

– Children make messes. They loves to play and they do some antics, they run in and out of the house with muddy shoes, etc. Sometimes a carpet cleaning is urgent repeatedly

– Your carpet is dirty.

The carpet always gets dirty and this is normal and ok. No matter how good a housekeeper is, the carpet will inevitably get dirty.

– Your carpet is water damaged.

Water damaged carpet should be treated right away because the damage can be extreme.

And one important detail that you want is a professional carpet cleaning company you can trust.

You can find lots of companies who sell “the best service” but this is no true. You must analyze the process and attention they have with you. We take we take your requests seriously.

We believe in doing quality work and treating all of our customers with respect.

How to control the growth of dust mites in your home

If someone in your household is affected by dust, we recommend take steps to control your home environment. Dust mites reproduce quickly enough that their effect on human health can be significant. If the problem is caused by dust mites, you can take these measures to keep them at safe levels:
– Put your store knickknacks, books, and compact discs in drawers or closed cabinets. Keep your home uncluttered to minimize dust buildup.
– Replace your synthetic pillows every two years. Use comforters and pillows made of synthetic fiber and wash these in hot water regularly. For people with severe allergies, their mattress, box spring, and pillows should also be enclosed in airtight or allergen-proof covers.
– Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth (a dry cloth will just release the dust back into the air), for other way you must to do vacuum weekly.
– Clean and ventilate your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement frequently.
– Wash sheets, blankets, and bed covers weekly in hot water. Or to kill mites while lengthening the life of your linens, place bedclothes in the dryer for 20 minutes on medium and then wash in warm water.
– Use central air conditioning and, if necessary, a dehumidifier to keep humidity below 50 percent. Install a humidistat to measure indoor humidity; dust mites thrive in moist conditions.

Remember that dust mites cannot be totally eradicated but with your health on the line, you’ve got to take measures to check their growth in your home. So don´t forget the dust mites cannot be totally eradicated, but with these indications you can win the war.

Cleaning up dog hair

We all have a friend with four legs, some with long hair and others with simple lint. We know our friends can have more hair or less hair, according to the season. For example, in winter his hair, grows them.

Here are some options to clean those little hairs:

We can use lint rollers. These are cheaper, simple, and also useful with clothes, lint rollers are a great way to pick up dog hair. Use them on furniture and curtains, simply rolling the sticky surface over the dog hair and disposing of the stickers once they’re hairy and ineffective.

If you want to use a vacuum for cleaning up dog hair, be sure to pick a strong and durable model. Look for superior suction abilities as well as a product that is easy to use, has an effective agitator brush, and belt endurance. Just be sure to change your bag often (since it’s acting as a filter) and keep the wand and brushes clean. If you’re not seeing excellent results, try alternating the direction of your strokes and overlapping each time.

And although you may not believe, here we give you a secret: If you’re in a pinch but you’ve got some balloons lying around, blow one up and rub it on the hairy surface. The static on the surface will make the hair cling to the balloon. You can then wipe the hair into a trash can. Continue rubbing and cleaning up dog hair until the surface is hair-free.

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

The simple difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the temperature of the water used.

We know when you want clean your carpet, you really needed is a steam cleaning. The water must reach a temperature high enough to transform into a gas. Still keep in mind that applying pure steam to carpet will not be effective in rinsing.

Hot water extraction, on the other hand, only requires hot water. How hot? Hot enough that it cleans deeply and effectively, but not so hot that it changes into another state of matter.

So which is the best option? hot water extraction or steam cleaning? It’s hard to say, but hot water extraction is essentially superior. With pure steam, there is no “rinsing” of the fibers, which is necessary to remove soil and cleaning detergents.

The most important thing to note is that within the carpet industry, hot water extraction is increasingly being referred to as “steam cleaning.”

If you’re confused just ask, but it’s very likely that they use hot water extraction under the name steam cleaning. While most professional carpet cleaners use water hot enough to visibly produce steam, there is still hot water rinsing and flushing the carpet fibers. Not pure steam.

If you are interested, call us because we are confident that our service will meet all your expectations. We are: Steam Green Carpet Cleaning (+1 800-935-6705).

Myths about your carpets (part II)

In one of our previous articles we talked about myths when you want to clean your own carpets. Myths like the time estimated to clean our carpets (once a year, twice or three). The other myth which says that if I have my own tools I don´t need professionals. Etc.

– Cleaning will only shrink my carpet

Calm down, your carpet will not shrink, unless you or your cleaner leaves the carpet extremely wet. We will not allow this to happen, but you also need to play safe and check the carpet for wetness before we leave your home.

– No matter what company cleaner I choose, all are equals so I will choose the cheapest

Get your facts straight and have your carpet cleaned right now by a professional. Do not hire a carpet cleaner simply because their services are the cheapest. Bad carpet cleaning can only leave your carpet worse than it already is, so don’t settle for anything just because their price is the lowest.

Find someone who do the most thorough cleaning possible. Remember the price is not the most important. You should know that can be sure you will get the value for your money. We (Steam Green Carpet Cleaning) use a natural cleaning solution so you can be sure your carpet will be cleaner and fresher without left-out residue.

Myths about your carpets (part I)

Some old tricks in the bag and so-called facts are myths. You might have been misinformed and misguided about taking care of your carpet investment. It’s time to put those myths to rest and understand the facts about carpet cleaning.
Here are some of them:

– If I have my own cleaning crew, I don´t need professionals to clean my carpets

Having your own machine is convenient if you want to remove small stains or do routine house cleaning. Most machines don’t have the suction power like most machines professionals use. Home machines can then loosen the stains, but the residue will still be there.

– I’ll clean the carpet only if it has been stained

It’s very smart to have your carpet cleaned at least once in a year by a professional (Steam Green Carpet Cleaning). Especially if you have children and pets in the house.

– Wait a few years before having a new carpet cleaned.

Some carpets can hide more dirt and subtle stains than others but this doesn’t mean, that there are no stains to remove and that your carpet is 100% clean. All dirt, hidden or not, will act as an abrasive. This means your carpet may wear out early, lose fiber protection, and even lose some color. Waiting for years before having your carpet cleaned will also only do nothing but create possible health hazards, such as respiratory issues, allergies, and skin irritation and infection.

If you want your carpet has a long life you must take care

If you want your carpet has a long life you must take care.

You need thorough vacuuming, especially in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, is vital for removing dry soil.

There are 3 types of soil that are found in carpet:

The first of these are dry particulate soils like sand, carbon, limestone, quartz, clay and feldspar plus animal hair and vegetable fibers. The second one are animal, mineral and vegetables soils. And the latter are water-soluble soils like food, drinks, etc.

The majority of soil in your carpet will be the first type – dry particulate soil. The most effective way to remove this dry particulate soil is through thorough vacuuming. This soil works its way into your carpet pile and scratches the carpet fibers as you walk on your carpet. This creates traffic patterns and shading issues that will prematurely wear out your carpet.

So, how often should I clean my carpet? The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration has given the following guidelines for how often you should clean your carpet:


If you want want to keep your carpet looking newer, longer, clean your carpet frequently! Vacuuming is critical to maintaining your carpet and increasing its life.

Eliminates one of the most unpleasant odors that can stay in your carpet

One of the most pungent and long lasting smells you can get on your carpet is cat urine. There are certain steps you can take to remove urine smells from carpet in your home before seeking professional (Please note that we do not recommend this for all carpets. This method can damage some styles of carpet so be careful)

Begin using paper towels. Try to absorb as much of it as you can using the towels.

Mix vinegar and water, then use the mixture to saturate the spot well. Extend your circle beyond the particular spot just in case some had been sucked into the surrounding fibers.

Now use your paper towels, again, or a clean cloth to absorb or dry the vinegar solution to the best of your ability.

Once that is done, find some baking soda and sprinkle it on the area. Baking soda is unique in that it naturally cleans and absorbs odors which in turn deodorizes carpet and surrounding area.

Get some dish detergent about 5 ml and mix it in with some 3 percent hydrogen peroxide about 180 ml or measure ¾ cup. Sprinkle this mixture over the area where you have the baking soda. It may be prudent to first test your hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture on a small spot to see if there will be discoloration.

Now using a regular scrubbing brush or your fingers rub the mixture into the baking soda. The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will react together and begin to foam.

Blot the area using paper towels or a clean cloth once more and leave it to dry
Once the spot is dry, remove the urine particles as well as the cleaning products used by vacuuming the area.

If you have tried this and the smell still persists, it’s definitely time to call us (Steam Green Carpet Cleaning).

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cleaner

1. Make it a routine: Decide how much time you have to clean and when is the correct time to do it. When should you groom the dog? Before you vacuum. Is Wednesday pasta night? Every day is for something new. Maybe you can do the Thursdays for to clean the kitchen and dining room floors. Use a combination of steam and cleaning solution to get the stickiest food spills off your hard surfaces.

2. Work out with your vacuum: When you vacuuming, normally burns around 250 calories. Put your favorite song on the radio and move your body. You’ll see this activity it’s going to be fun.

3. Blot stains off the guest list: We’ve all had guests who stay just a bit too long. And it seems the longer they stay, the tougher it is to get them to leave. This is also true with stains. Don’t let these troublemakers settle in. Trust a carpet cleaner that you can use as often as necessary until deep-set stains are gone for good. Or program the visit of professionals who are responsible for cleaning carpets. Professionals like us: Steam Cleaning.

4. Make a Game of It: EpicWin is a fun app for iOS ($2.99) that allows you to get medieval on your brass, and anything else that needs cleaning. Choose an avatar (warrior princess, anyone?) to earn XP (experience points) when you complete chores around the house. You design your quest (fancy name for chore), and this game/scheduler tells you when you need to get it done. You even get extra points for completing tasks early.

5. As we said before: Make a Cleaning Playlist: Our favorite music makes us happy. Technically, it stimulates the release of dopamine. Essentially, it’s the way our brain “likes” or “favorites” a stimulus. So if you listen to your favorite quirky indie band while scrubbing the floors, not only will it put extra pep in your step, it will coax your brain to make a positive association with cleaning, making it more likely to become a good habit.

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